Plug2Sync and Backup Pro Edition - instantly sync and back up any files, folders and Microsoft Outlook.

When it comes to File backup and synchronization between Windows computers using an external USB memory device, the Plug2Sync and Backup Pro is a real time saver. No Accounts to sign up, no setup wizards to follow or LAN or Internet connections problems. Just plug your USB external memory device to PC and your data will be automatically backed up and in sync without any actions from your part. It’s dead simple. The “ActiveSync”- like interface was designed by requests of business users like you, it’s safe and secure.
In addition to Free Plug2Sync features, you will get an instant and scheduled sync, Microsoft Outlook data and pst files backup and synchronization, backup of folders with custom path and more.
The cost of Plug2Sync license and USB Drive is a small price to pay for almost instant availability and independence of your precious files and data. You can use Plug2Sync in combination with any enterprise security features that exist on the market or request custom integration or customization by clicking here. Give Plug2Sync a try, and let us know what you think.

Main features of Plug2Sync and Backup Pro Edition:

In addition to main Free Plug2Sync features you will get:

  • Sync any files and folders with custom paths.

    Sync any files and folders with custom paths.

    Plug2Sync and Backup Pro Edition allows you to synchronize any folders of your choice. In addition to Windows default folders, simply select folders you want to sync. The files stored in the synchronized folder will remain in the same format. Once you have done first synchronization, you won’t need to repeat any setup. Folders will be in sync automatically, when you connect your USB device without your interference.
  • Sync Microsoft Outlook between PCs. Share Outlook with others.

    Sync Microsoft Outlook between PCs. Share Outlook with others.

    Synchronize Outlook Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes between two or more computers. Microsoft Outlook data will be replicated exactly as it is on your computer, including the Read/Unread status, categories and labels. Microsoft Outlook sync will include the latest changes and you won’t have to install any additional Microsoft Outlook add-ins or plug-ins. You can adjust filters and data that you want to sync/back up on each PC.
  • Advanced file Folders Mapping.

    Advanced file Folders Mapping.

    You can map synchronization of non-default Windows folders to original or different location on each PC you sync your data. You can even specify drive where you want to put your file folders.
  • Scheduled, Instant or manual synchronization and backup. Automatic synchronization in the background.

    Scheduled, Instant or manual synchronization and backup. Automatic synchronization in the background.

    When external USB memory device is connected, your files and folders will back up and sync almost instantly, as soon as you save the file or make any changes in Microsoft Outlook. You can chose between instant, automatic and manual synchronization and backup schedule. Even when Outlook is not running, it will be synchronized automatically in the background. Event based synchronization, only changes are synchronized.
  • Instant synchronization.

    Instant synchronization.

    Once you set up your first synchronization, next time just reconnect the device and your files folders and Microsoft Outlook will be synchronized almost instantly. With Plug2Sync and Backup your files and folders will be synced much faster. When USB Storage is connected, as soon as you save the file, enter a new appointment, or make any changes, the Instant and automatic File Backup will start and keep your files and data up to date. No more waiting each time you need to back up or synchronize your data - remove your external drive safely and go. You don't have to rely on manual sync or scheduling.
  • Microsoft Outlook backup. Back up and restore Outlook folders.

    Microsoft Outlook backup. Back up and restore Outlook folders.

    Back up Outlook on an external memory device using Plug2Sync and Backup. When you reconnect the memory device next time, the latest changes will be transferred to it automatically. That way you will always have an up-to-date copy of Microsoft Outlook in its native PST format. Synchronize Outlook on the same or other computer simply by re-connecting the memory device. Synchronization will be done automatically in the background. Restore Outlook data to any Microsoft Outlook Version by simply importing it using the standard Microsoft Outlook import wizard. Plug2Sync is using the native Outlook PST file format which allows importing the backup to any of Microsoft Outlook versions.
  • Portable application (upcoming feature).

    Portable application (upcoming feature).

    Install Plug2Sync and Backup onto an external removable drive and just connect it to any PC in order to start synchronization. All the data will be synchronized with your USB drive automatically. When you finish your work, just safely remove your external drive. All the data you were working on will be saved on your external drive and ready to be synchronized with any computer. Compatible with U3 and other portable application bundles.
  • *This feature is not yet available for trial in the standard package.
    Contact us to order or try Admin Tool as part of custom solution.

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